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Thai Massage Toronto

Thai Massage Therapist RMT Toronto

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What is a Thai massage?

Thai massage, also known as Thai Yoga massage, is a type of massage therapy that is based on acupressure and yoga-like stretching techniques. It has been practiced for over 2,500 years in Thailand and India, though it has only recently begun to gain popularity in the west.


Sometimes referred to as “lazy yoga”, the therapist moves the patient through various stretching postures while applying pressure to specific points on the body. Pressure is applied to assist the stretches and otherwise for the purpose of treating acupressure points along Sen energy lines.


With Traditional Thai massage, the patient remains fully clothed, and the treatment is done on a mat on the floor, though some Thai massage techniques can also be incorporated into Swedish Deep Tissue / Sports massage on the table.

What are the benefits of Thai massage?

Using techniques to move you through your range of motion, pull or compress your joints, stretch your muscles, and engage acupressure points, Thai massage can leave you feeling more comfortable, relaxed, and healthy. Thai massage can have beneficial effects including:


  • Lubricating joints and improving joint mobility;

  • Relieving muscle tension;

  • Stretching out restricted tissues, which can help improve posture and decrease some types of pain and discomfort;

  • Improving circulation and energy levels, lowering stress;

  • Improving immune function;

Promote activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-and-digest) which can then improve digestion, sleep, and a feeling of calm, mindful presence.

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What areas of the body does a Thai massage include?

Thai massage can be applied as a full-body treatment, or it can focus on more specific areas of the body. All treatments are geared towards the needs and goals of the individual client/patient.

What are the benefits of Thai massage vs deep tissue?

Although Thai massage and Deep Tissue massage are quite different in their application and feel, they can have very similar outcomes.


Stretching techniques in Thai massage can address the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues, and in this way they can have benefits that are very similar to deep tissue.


Acupressure techniques applied in Thai massage are generally applied more gently than deep tissue but can also have similar benefits.

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What is a Thai foot massage? Does Thai foot massage hurt?

Thai foot massage, also known as Thai Reflexology, uses acupressure points, stretching, and massage techniques to relieve muscle tension, improve balance, and promote relaxation and general sense of wellbeing. The acupressure points and meridians are from Traditional Chinese Medicine, and these are theorized to have a wide range of benefits including: improved immune and cardiovascular function, reduction of some types of chronic pain, improved concentration, improved sleep, and improved organ function.


Thai foot massage does not have to hurt, though there may be some satisfying “good pain” as tension is stretched and massaged out. If you feel any real pain, please let your therapist know so modifications can be made.

Are Thai massages painful?

Thai massage generally should not be painful. When addressing very tight muscles and trigger points, it may be beneficial to use acupressure and stretching techniques that feel like a satisfying “good pain”, but it is usually not beneficial or necessary for you to endure any real pain.


If you experience pain during treatment, please communicate with your therapist so modifications can be made for your comfort.

Does Thai massage use oil?

Traditional Thai massage does not use oil, though there are options to incorporate Thai techniques into Swedish/Deep Tissue/Sports massage, and these may include the use of oil.

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Is Thai massage covered by insurance?

If Thai massage is performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, like Liam, and if your insurance plan covers massage, then Thai massage should be covered as well. Each insurance plan is unique, so it’s best to check in with your provider if you are unsure about your coverage.

How much is a Thai massage?

A full price list for all treatment types can be found on the homepage of this site.

Can I get a Thai massage while I’m pregnant?

A full Thai massage is contraindicated (not safe and so not done) with pregnant patients, however some specific Thai techniques can be incorporated into a Prenatal massage. During pregnancy, please book a prenatal treatment and feel free to discuss any interest in Thai massage with your therapist.

Thai Massage Toronto

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