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Deep Tissue Massage Toronto

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage toronto downtown Rosedale Younge Bloor
deep tissue massage toronto

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

 Deep Tissue is massage that addresses the deeper layers of muscle and other connective tissues. With deep tissue, we can also get right down into specific areas of tension and trigger points. General Swedish techniques are still used to warm up the area of the body we’re working on, and then deeper, more specific work can safely proceed.

How do I book a Deep tissue massage by an RMT near me in downtown Toronto?

You’ve come to the right place! Book a Swedish / Deep Tissue treatment and we’ll discuss your goals before we start. If Deep Tissue techniques serve your goals, then that’s how we’ll build your treatment.

deep tissue massage toronto

What’s the difference between Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage?

Deep Tissue techniques are often used in Sports Massage, but not always. The nature of Sports massage depends on the goals: Toning up before an event? Toning down afterwards? Balancing out to optimize performance? Addressing a specific injury? For more information on Sports Massage, check out the sports massage page.

How long should you wait between deep tissue massages?

There is no specific length of time to wait between Deep Tissue massage treatments. It is important to pay attention to how you feel afterwards and decide if/when you need further treatment. Your Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto is here to help with recommendations and self-care ideas.

deep tissue massage toronto

Is deep tissue massage full body?

It depends on a few factors, mainly appointment length and how your body responds to treatment. If you’re holding a lot of tension throughout your body, you may consider a 90-minute or even 2-hour full body treatment. If you have a very specific area that needs some attention, we normally recommend starting there and then working down your priority list depending on how much time we have for the treatment. You can always feel free to contact Liam via email, text, or phone call with questions.

What to do after a deep tissue massage?

Gentle stretching and adequate hydration are general best practices after a deep tissue massage. Our goal is to leave you feeling revitalized and moving more freely and comfortably in your body, though there is the possibility that you will feel some post-massage soreness. It can be helpful to think of a deep tissue treatment like a workout – if your body is not used to it, you may feel a bit of soreness afterwards. To mitigate this, Liam uses techniques to warm you up before going deeper, then to cool you down, flush your body, and improve circulation.

deep tissue massage toronto downtown Rosedale Younge Bloor
deep tissue massage toronto

What's the difference between a Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage draws from Swedish techniques as a basis, but also may include Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, and other modalities designed to address the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. In contrast, Swedish techniques tend to be gentler and more flowing, and may include muscle kneading, percussion (tapping, pounding, chopping), rocking, or vibrations. They are designed to warm up the body tissues and improve circulation before and after the deeper work.

Are deep tissue massages supposed to hurt?

Deep Tissue massage does not have to be painful. “No pain, no gain” is generally a myth in deep tissue massage therapy. We are generally looking for an amount of pressure / engagement that feels satisfactory. This is sometimes referred to as “good pain” or simply as a satisfying tension release. There are occasions when it can be beneficial to endure a bit of pain in order to work out trigger points and stretch out or separate layers of connective tissues (fascial release). This is always done in communication with the patient; your pain threshold never needs to be breached, and we can always back off if it feels like too much.

Can deep tissue massage cause bruising?

Bruising is very rare and something we try to avoid. If you find that you bruise easily, please let Liam know in your Health History form and during your intake meeting so he can be mindful of this during your treatment. If you do not have a condition that leads to easy bruising, you should not have bruises after a deep tissue massage.

Can I work out after a deep tissue massage?

There is no inherent danger working out after a deep tissue treatment, but it can be helpful to keep in mind that both activities are challenging your muscles, and this can lead to general fatigue. It can also add to the risk of post massage / workout muscle soreness. Liam generally recommends either limiting the intensity of a post-massage workout or separating the workout from the deep tissue massage by a day or at least several hours.

deep tissue massage toronto downtown Rosedale Younge Bloor
deep tissue massage toronto

Can I get deep tissue massage while pregnant?

Yes, deep tissue massage can still be a great way to reduce tension while pregnant. We get you comfortably into side-lying position, then work out the tension as effectively as any deep tissue treatment.


If you have any complications or special conditions affecting your pregnancy, it’s best to check with your doctor and/or Liam before getting massage. Otherwise, deep tissue massage is a safe way to feel more comfortable in your body during pregnancy.

Can you get a deep tissue massage while breastfeeding?

Yes, and it can be massively helpful. While holding your infant, you may be keeping your body in prolonged head-neck=shoulders-forward postures that can lead to tension build-up, so deep tissue massage can be a great relief.


If your breasts are feeling tender and you prefer not lay face down during your massage, we can conduct the treatment in side-lying position and still get a good, satisfying depth of pressure.


If you have any complications or special conditions during your post-natal months, it’s best to check with your doctor and/or Liam before getting massage. Otherwise, deep tissue massage is a safe way to feel more comfortable in your body while breastfeeding.

deep tissue massage toronto

Why can’t I sleep after deep tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage can leave you feeling energized. Tense, hyperactive muscles and trigger points use up a lot of energy. They are often caused by a prolonged state of stress (aka flight-or-fight) without frequent energetic releases like cardiovascular exercise. When in fight-or-flight mode, your muscles tense up and digestion slows down as your body prepares to literally fight or flee. While this is initially quite energizing, it can quickly leave you feeling drained. When the tension is released, nourishment is more feely flowing, and you are brought back into a rest-and-digest state, you may feel more even and steady energy. If this is the case, consider booking your massage appointment early in the day so you have time to wind down before bed.

Does a deep tissue massage help with cellulite?

While there may be some smoothing out of cellulite during and shortly after the treatment, massage therapy in any form is not effective in modifying or removing the appearance of cellulite.

Does deep tissue massage help the lymphatic system?

Deep tissue treatments also draw from Swedish techniques which flush circulation through your body, and this in turn can help with lymphatic flow and return. Before working into deep and specific work, we warm up your body with Swedish techniques. Deep tissue is not designed for the purpose of helping the lymphatic system, so this is not a primary goal for this type of work.


If you are interested in a basic lymphatic drainage treatment, it is available upon request. This is a very gentle treatment that addresses the lymphatic layers just beneath the skin. If this interests you, please book a “Swedish/Deep Tissue” and let Liam know in your intake form and/or meeting and we can build a treatment that works for you.


Note that lymphatic drainage treatments for very specific conditions such as cancer or post-lymph node removal should be conducted by a specialist – feel free to reach out if this is the case and Liam can help you find a qualified therapist.

Does deep tissue massage help a pinched nerve?

Often yes, it depends on what is pinching the nerve. If caused either by a tense muscle or tendon pressing directly on the nerve or by the muscle and tendon compressing bones together which in turn compresses the nerve, deep tissue massage can be very helpful. By releasing the muscle tension, we release the nerve pressure. If you are experiencing numbness or tingling that is tolerable, massage may be a great option for you. If you are feeling extreme weakness or loss of sensation, please seek immediate medical attention with your doctor or at a hospital before coming for massage.

Deep Tissue Massage Toronto

deep tissue massage toronto

Does deep tissue massage release toxins?

Your body is already pretty great at dealing with toxins, though it can be challenged by compromises to your liver/lymph/circulatory functions. Massage Therapy can be beneficial to your overall health and circulatory functions, and that can in turn help optimize your body’s systems for processing/neutralizing/eliminating toxins.

How does a deep tissue massage work?

In Deep Tissue massage, we warm your body tissues up and then gradually work through from the more superficial to deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. Sometimes it can be beneficial to free up the superficial layers by incorporating myofascial release or cupping into the treatment. Generally, specific compression and muscle stripping are used to address areas of high tension. Each treatment is geared toward the individual patient as they are feeling on a given day, so we always have a quick discussion beforehand and build the treatment accordingly.

How long are you sore after a deep tissue massage?

Ideally you will not be sore at all after a deep tissue massage, however, if your body is not used to deeper techniques, you may feel some soreness for a day or two after treatment. Deep Tissue massage can challenge your muscles in a way that is like a workout, so you may feel the same sort of soreness as you would feel after starting a new workout routine.


Normally, Liam’s patients tell him that they felt energized or relaxed after their last deep tissue treatment, and rarely do they report post massage soreness.

deep tissue massage toronto downtown Rosedale Younge Bloor
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