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Mobile Massage Toronto

Mobile Massage Therapist in Toronto

Mobile Massage Therapist Toronto downtown church wellesley younge
deep tissue massage toronto

What is a mobile massage therapist in Toronto?

A mobile RMT in Toronto is a Registered Massage Therapist who comes to your home or office in order to provide treatment. Each therapist or company varies somewhat in the nature of the services and conveniences offered. Some will bring along everything and others will ask the client/patient to provide certain supplies.


Liam brings a massage table, sheets, music, and all other supplies necessary for your treatment. All you need to prepare is a space ideally measuring at least 6’ (1.8m) x 10’ (3m) and you may also want a light blanket over the sheets.


In the case of prenatal mobile massage, you will also need to provide two pillows – standard ones like on your bed tend to work well.

deep tissue massage toronto

How do I book an In-home massage therapist near me?

To book home massage services, tap or click on any Book Now button on this site, select a Mobile Massage treatment option, and you will see Liam’s full availability in a calendar format. Simply select a treatment time that works for you and your appointment request is entered.


Please note that mobile massage appointments booked online are requests that may need to be modified. Depending on travel time and other factors, Liam may need to reach out to modify your appointment start time. In the rare case that this is necessary, Liam tries to reach out within a couple hours after you enter your booking request.


Feel free to reach out to by email, text, or phone call with questions or for assistance booking your appointment.

How much does a mobile massage cost?

Different mobile massage therapists charge different amounts depending on their assessment of the value of their services as well as the extra costs (time and money) involved in providing mobile service.


Liam’s mobile massage price list is on the homepage. Note that back-to-back treatments are $20 off the standard mobile price per treatment (back-to-back means two or more individuals being treated one immediately after another in the same location without having to pack up and move the massage table).

deep tissue massage toronto

What are the benefits of an independent mobile massage service?

Some benefits of booking an independent RMT like Liam (as opposed to a larger mobile massage service with multiple practitioners):


  • Personal accountability – Liam works directly with/for you, so there is no third-party manager;

  • Consistency of quality – you can rely on the same quality of service and treatment every time;

  • Familiarity – you get to know your RMT and he gets to know your health history and massage preferences so your individual needs are met;

  • You can easily see Liam’s upcoming availability and control your bookings online without calling/emailing with a customer service agent (though you can feel free to contact Liam);

  • Book a range of service types, from Swedish relaxation massage to Deep Tissue Sports massage to Prenatal massage therapy and more.

What kind of massage therapy is available for mobile massage?

Any service Liam offers is available for mobile message except Hot Stone.

Mobile Massage Therapist Toronto downtown church wellesley younge
deep tissue massage toronto

How do I book office massage services?

With office massage, you may choose Mobile Chair Massage or treatment on a massage table. Chair massage is convenient for shorter treatments in quick succession because the client/patient can remain fully clothed and sheets are not required. If table massage is preferred, it is recommended to go with 30-minute treatments or longer.


For office massage services and rates, contact Liam by email, text, or phone call. Rates are generally the same as for standard mobile service, though volume discounts may be available.

Mobile Massage Toronto

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